Tips for Building Your Own Chopper Motorcycle

Don’t let yourself be fooled, the master craftsmen you see on television building custom chopper motorcycles are the real deal. What isn’t real, however, is that some of those chopper motorcycles seem to take nothing more than a day to put together. Working out of your garage, its a good idea to be a bit more realistic about your goals. Building an old-school custom chopper motorcycle or even a chopper kit is far easier than creating a one-off custom bike with a specialty engine. It’s cheaper, too. 

What is a Chopper motorcycle?

Chopper motorcycles came about due to owners in the 1960s and 1970s “chopping” up their standard motorcycles to install lengthened front forks. The best example of the chopper kit style of motorcycle is the “Captain America Bike” seen in the movie “Easy Rider.” Bikes like this also utilized custom seats for a time, and passenger backrests called “sissy bars.”

How to Build Your Own Chopper motorcycle

There are two ways to build your own custom chopper motorcycle along with personalized Motorcycle boots that will make your ride complete. The first is to purchase a chopper kit, and the second is to adapt an existing motorcycle you already own with aftermarket parts. Both options can get expensive, but building your own chopper kit motorcycle can be much more so, particularly if you already have a motorcycle that you’re thinking of adapting to become a chopper motorcycle.

You’ll want to check in specialty chopper motorcycle magazines like “The Horse” in order to find the right parts for your motorcycle build. These are sold in kits that include the parts necessary for your build your chopper motorcycle with a variety of different rakes. For instance, a quick search for “2003 Suzuki Volusia Chopper” on the internet turns up a handful of different companies offering chopper kits for between $1,500 and $2,000. In order to maintain a comfortable ride for your chopper motorcycle, you’ll have to use a kit that’s specifically built for your bike.

Chopper Motorcycle Add-on Kits

Once you receive the parts, you’re good to go. All you have to do is take the old front forks off the bike and replace them with the new parts. You’ll have to install longer front brake lines as well as other equipment that works on the front wheel. It may also be necessary to re-aim your headlight, as installing a raked front end can sometimes cause the front end to be raised slightly. Once the parts are installed, have a professional motorcycle mechanic take a look at your installation to make sure that everything’s where it needs to be. With that done, you’re ready to ride your brand-new chopper motorcycle.

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