Top 3 Camping Tents for 2020

Do you wish to kick-start the New Year calendar with a great camping trip? That’s exciting- and you must have roped in all your buddies or your entire family by now. Have you got your camping tent yet? Well, if you are planning to camp frequently with almost same number of people- it would be better to buy a camping tent rather than rent a one. Much to your convenience, the post below shares a brief on the best camping tents you might invest in this year.

Kelty Salida

You have a sturdy and waterproof tent here which you can carry in all your camping trips. It’s made from a solid polyester combo and carries a rainfly to ensure easy protection from rain. Users have also lauded the netting part of the tent that allows excellent ventilation. In regards to size, you will find the tent in single, two-people as well as four-people models.

Core cabin tent with Straight wall for 6 people

A smart camper will always look for a tent with screen porch to keep the bugs away. One of the best of such tents is Core cabin tent with Straight wall for 6 people. The tent assures convenient ventilation and hence is great for your summer camping holidays. The tent also carries rainfly which means you will always have protection if there is heavy shower outside.

Coleman Sundome

If you are looking for a good tent within budget, look no further than Sundome from Coleman. The tent is a breeze to assemble and disassemble and is suitable for rainy weathers as well. It comes with sealed seams, rainfly as well as welded tub-floor that keeps you safe inside if there is heavy downpour outside. Just one thing, you can’t use it for snow camping. So, if you have no plans for winter camping, you might give Sundome a try.

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