Turn Your Favorite Photo into an Oil Painting

Do you have a favorite photo? Most of us do, whether it is because of sentimental value or you just like it. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could turn that picture into an oil painting? Well, you can. With companies like Canvas on Demand popping up with their Painting Kits that are affordable. Canvas on Demand has been featured on TV and in magazines and newspapers.

They can work directly from your photo (traditional print) that you send in by snail mail or you can upload a scanned photo (or digital camera) on their website. They can also work from the negatives of a photo, which is great when the picture you want to use is lost or damaged. Uploading is easy with their step-by-step instructions. For traditional prints, you will get a pre-paid photo mailer so you can send the picture(s) to them.

On the website, you can see samples of different products and painting styles they offer. You can even take people or objects from different photos and combine them into one canvas. Of course, that is considered a major retouching, so do not expect it to be cheap. They also do photo restoration, which will cost extra. You may be wondering if it is actually painted on the canvas. It is not. Their artist creates brush strokes by using a stylus and electronic tablet and is all done before ever reaching the canvas. They have five wooden frames to choose from, and all come with hanging hardware.

The turnaround time is usually 5 days after you placed your order, however, the Rush It Service guarantees delivery in three to five days. All items are shipped using FedEx and wrapped in protective foam to prevent any damage during transit. If the item is damaged during shipping, they will replace it. In addition, because of their 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you just do not like the thing, you can get a refund or have them try again. As long as you do it within thirty days from the date you received it. If you buy one right now a portion of the money will go camping Heartland (featured on Extreme Makeover- Home Edition) and you can enter to win a free canvas by joining their Canvas Club.

Another company that does this is Photo Wow, and they too have been featured on TV and in print. Photo Wow offers more than just stuff like canvases and photo restoration, you can get your photo put on Hand Purses, End Tables, Pillows, Mousepads, Invitations, and Holiday Cards, Baby Bags, Puzzles, etc.. The End Table is their newest item. Your image is made up of twenty-five 4½ ceramic tiles that cover the top of the table. I love the idea, but I will not get one until the price comes down. The base price $169.00, and that does not include the picture. I do like that they have a snail mail catalog, you can get one sent to you on their website. Photo Wow works pretty much the same as Canvas on Demand; you can send the photo by email or snail mail. You can return If do not like how the item came out, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Both of these companies have great affiliate programs. If you have an office with a reception area Photo Wow will send you a free canvas to hang in your reception area, and you will get a commission for sales. To get details to check out Photo Wow’s affiliate section. They also have many other representative opportunities available. Canvas on Demand has the Link Share Network handle their affiliate program. You will get credit for orders up to sixty days after a customer was sent to them through your links. Both programs are free to join.

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