Which Type Of Lawnmower Is Right For Me?

Many gardeners aspire to have a gorgeous garden – or at least a garden that they are pleased with the look of! A lawnmower and a leaf blower is a vital part of making the largest part of a garden – the lawn- an aesthetic and ‘healthy’ area of grass. What is the best backpack leaf blower? What is the best lawnmower out there? Here we are sharing you all the details you need to know. 

However, there are so many different types and styles of lawnmowers to consider that shopping for one can become a confusing process. Here, read up on the various options and factors:

This might largely depend on lawn size. Electric mowers are good for quick, small tasks. Typically, these have wires so need to stretch across the garden. Electric mowers are quieter and cheaper to run than their petrol counterparts and are often picked up at a more affordable price. However, petrol-powered mowers usually provide a much cleaner cut and are better suited for bigger gardens as they can cover vast areas (because they do not have wires limiting maneuverability.) This type of powered mower also tends to have much better durability and can cut grass on more challenging, rough terrains.

Cordless mowers are battery powered and function in the same way as electric mowers- except you can avoid traipsing cables and wires across the garden! But they do come at a higher cost and, although the batteries usually have a good amount of ‘life,’ they do need to be recharged.

Push lawnmowers, unlike the electric and petrol mowers described, are one of the most simpler styles of lawnmowers out there. These work using the simple power of your muscles! You simply push the mower along the grass for a manual cut. This is an option for small gardens, with the added benefit of being the eco-friendliest way of cutting the grass!

For flat lawns or lawns where a short, well-manicured aesthetic is the aim, then cyclical lawn mowers are suggested. This type of mower has cylindrical blades that rotate (in a vertical motion) at the front of the mower. A fixed blade sits at the base of the product, and the cylindrical blades cut against this. The cylinder should have several blades (more is better) and this type of mower can be petrol, electric, or push-powered.

Perhaps the most versatile of these machines are the rotary lawnmowers. These have one blade that turns horizontally, like the spinning of propellers or a fan. Most types of grass can be cut in this fashion, and rotary mowers tend to be better at tackling rougher grass and terrains than cylinder mowers. This type of mower can either be petrol, electric, or rechargeable battery.

As the name suggests, this type of lawnmower ‘hovers’ above the grass and creates a ‘cushion’ of air between the machine and the lawn. The airlifts the lawnmower from the lawn, creating space for the blades to cut the grass. The advantage here is that a hover mower can be moved in all directions, so it makes a good mower for unusually-shaped gardens. They are not as suitable for larger gardens and are typically powered by electric, with rotary blades. Therefore, they can often be purchased at a relatively cheap price.

There are a few other thoughts you may want to think about. A self-propelled machine will ‘push’ itself- you just need to steer it! This is a good option if you would prefer (or find it easier) to follow the mower, and you can often set this type of mower to the desired speed. Also, consider the grass box. Most mowers have these at the back to catch the grass as it is cut, however, you might want to invest in a mower with a larger grass box if you have a bigger lawn.

Overall, it’s worth doing a bit of research before you buy your next mower- and spend some time thinking about what is best for your lawn.

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