Why Usb Flash Drives Emerged As A Must Have In The Digital World

Now, they are being used as usb corporate gifts, freebies at events, as well as a marketing tool that is guaranteed to not be thrown away. Let’s take a closer look at the history of USB flash drives, and how they became so relevant in the digital world.

Flash drives are a huge improvement in space compared to the technology it replaced

At the time in which USB flash drives are still not invented, the floppy disks as well as CD and DVD are the most popular ways of transporting data. However, those mentioned data transfer tools have some serious flaws. Floppy disks are secured, but they provide little storage space in addition to being expensive. On the other hand, optical disks such as CD’s and DVD’s are very cheap and hold bigger data sizes than floppy disks. However, not all devices have optical disk drives, and they are easily broken. If you made even just a scratch on the surface of an optical disk, you can say goodbye to your data.

Flash drives improve and eliminated both of the flaws suffered by the technology it replaced. Flash drives are cheap, holds a lot of data, and not easy to break.

Flash drives removes the disadvantage of moving parts

A normal hard disk drive will wear out after a while because it has a spinning part. Flash drive utilizes solid state technology for storing data, which means that they are more durable than hard disk drives. However, hard disk drives still have the advantage of costing less per GB of data. Having said that, flash drives are on their way to catching up to traditional hard disk drives. There are now some 1TB flash drives in the market that you can buy right now.

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