Why Wreath Is Important To Give To The Deceased At Every Funeral?

Fresh flower wreath represents the mourning for love from those who have a relationship with those who have left this world. It also represents respect. Moreover, grieving and remembering are what give a family a feeling of comfort. Giving a wreath at a funeral has become a tradition. Many people still do not know the origin of the fresh flower wreath.

The origin of this tradition

Foreigners in Western countries originally started the use of fresh flower wreaths in funeral ceremonies. They place a wreath of fresh flowers in front of the house or the point of death of the dead person. At that time, there would only be people in the upper classes. Later it began to be used in the middle class and the public eventually.

The buzz that makes a wreath of fresh flowers a tribute to those who have passed away is because Flowers are good symbols of time. Flowers represent the time. It remains beautiful in its young age. Then gradually dries until death. You came alone. You will go alone. You came with bare hands. You will go with bare hands. It is like a reminder to those attending the funeral to accept the sorrow that arises.

What is the philosophy?

Flowers are versatile natural element. You can use it in any occasion, be it a birthday or a funeral. In addition to the stories of beliefs and metaphors, Fresh flower wreaths also create a beautiful atmosphere. However, many people in Singapore are standing out from the traditional method.

Instead of buying fresh flower wreaths, they opt for artificial, LED Funeral flowers by Wreaths Singapore. It is a unique idea. The LED funeral wreaths decorate the place without overdoing the decoration. It represents the happiness of afterlife. You can choose the color, type of flowers, design according to your requirements and budget.

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