Write Internet Articles that Work

For account based marketing you need impeccable skills with your emails so that you can attract more potential customers. In this article, we are going through some of the best tips and recommendations that you can follow in order to create some of the best articles and emails on the internet. 

Discover the three parts of any article and how to easily master them for your success.

You write articles with one goal in mind, to drive targeted traffic to your web site, to generate income.

So it’s absolutely essential that your articles work.

There are no secrets or tricks to achieving your goal of driving targeted traffic to your web site using articles.

To write Internet articles that work, all you need to do is learn, understand and master the three parts of any article.

Your Headline

Your Article Body

Your Resource Box

Each of these three parts has a very specific purpose and goal to achieve.

Your headline must capture the Internet surfer’s attention and make them want to read your article.

The article’s body has to deliver what your headline promises. It also has to either solve your reader’s problem or give them the information they need or must-have.

Your Resource Box must include a call to action that easily leads the reader to your web site.

How do these three parts work together?

Your headline gets their attention and makes them want to read your article. Your article body delivers what they’re looking for and your resource box leads them to your web site.

Your Headline

This is the very first thing your potential reader sees.

Notice I said “potential” reader.

On the Internet, people don’t read, they can. When someone clicks on your article, you have only 2 to 3 seconds to capture their attention and get them to start reading your article.

If you write Internet articles with ho-hum, boring headlines, your articles won’t get a second look and your “potential” readers will simply click and move on in little more than the blink of an eye.

So take the time to think about your headline, write a couple, then select the one you feel will deliver readers.

Your Article Body

I have read articles by authors who state that you only need a great headline and a great resource box to drive targeted traffic to your web site. These authors claim that your article’s body isn’t that important. But I strongly disagree and here’s why.

After your “potential” reader scans your headline and decides to start reading your article, it only stands to reason that if your article doesn’t deliver, your reader won’t continue reading. Instead, they will click away before they ever get close to your resource box.

Write Internet articles that deliver what your headlines promise.

Deliver the goods QUICKLY.

After your headline, write a brief one-sentence sub-headline that asks a question or makes a strong statement. Get your reader engaged right away.

Next, tell them what you’re going to tell them. What problem are you going to solve for them? What information are you about to give them that they need or better yet, must have.

Then quickly start giving them the information. And if you deliver, your “potential” reader will become engaged in the information and will read your entire article.

And of course, that brings your reader right to your resource box.

Your Resource Box

Also called the Author’s Bio, or Author’s Box, this is the only place in your article that you are allowed to sell yourself and offer a link or two or three so your readers can easily go to your web site.

For your resource box to be effective, it must include a very brief sentence about why you’re an expert. It must also include a “call to action”. In other words, get them to click on your link to a page with more information. You can also offer them something for free and you can invite them to subscribe to your ezine.

Work on your resource box, it has to be a good one and it has to deliver that targeted traffic to your web site.

When you write Internet articles with headlines that work, your potential readers start reading your articles.

When your articles deliver on the promise your headlines make, your potential readers become readers.

And when your readers come to your resource box, and you give them a reason to want to learn more from you, give them a call to action, something free or an invitation to subscribe to your ezine — they may just click and visit your site.

Now you’ve achieved your goal. More targeted traffic more clicks more potential income.

A final word.

As you’ve just learned, there are no secrets or tricks to achieving your goal of driving targeted traffic to your site.

All you need to do is to learn, understand and master the three parts of writing Internet articles that I’ve just outlined for you.

Have fun

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